Musical Activities

Master Classes

Interpretation Days

An effective way of imparting deep knowledge is to organise a day in which all students play the same work. By examining each student’s ideas in response to the same music, it is possible to identify and develop the skills and art of interpretation, stimulating different yet grounded performances.


– all violin sonatas and concertos

– all chamber music for strings and piano


JS Bach

The period instrument movement continues to provoke deep divisions in both the teaching and performing worlds, resulting in confusion among the student body. To interpret Bach on modern instruments in an authentic spirit requires knowledge of performance practices, notational conventions, and Baroque dances, coupled with a strong creative conviction.


– explorations of general performance issues

– master classes on the accompanied and unaccompanied works for violin and cello

– Baroque dance steps and Bach’s dance movements (all instruments)

Talking to the audience

A workshop in developing the content and delivery of talks addressed to concert audiences.

Orchestral Conducting

Ruth Waterman conducts professional, amateur and student orchestras in places as diverse at St Petersburg, Johannesburg (Soweto) and Portland (Oregon). Student orchestras are encouraged in rehearsal to become more aware of matters of ensemble, balance, articulation, phrasing, and style.